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A thoroughly considered suite of apps for HR personnel and employees. The goal of HR Cloud is to make their HR related tasks, like applicant tracking, on-boarding and performance evaluations much easier and more enjoyable.


HR solutions for talent recruiting, onboarding, performance management are almost always dreadful. These products are usually debilitated by "all-in-one" aspirations and endless integrations setting them on a frankenstein trajectory. The main objective was to architect as system that could accommodate as many use cases as possible while remaining focused and intuitive.

The public sector, applicant tracking product hadn't been touched by a designer of any kind since it hit the market in 1998. Which meant it was packed full of endless accomodations and obscure public sector requirements. The only way to create an intuitive and focused product was to clean the slate and start from the beginning and that's exactly what was done.


  • Thorough competitive research in all product areas of recruiting, onboarding and employee performance evaluation
  • Architect a system in which an employee, through single sign-on, could access all of the apps based on their permissions and perform their required tasks.
  • Consider the roles of HR staff and managers as their tasks will be different and will need to access employee records at a higher level while at the same time, potentially more detail.
  • Create a system that will allow for design and development of more apps like expense tracking, asset tracking, timesheet and leave requests.
  • Of course, all of the HR solutions should be responsive through progressive enhancement
  • Eventually investigate the possibility of replacing the existing public sector solutions

Use Cases

  • A small start up wants to onboard their new employees with required documents that need signing, training videos and presentations on company culture
  • A mid to large sized corporation needs a way to create, receive and process job applications for several key roles they are actively recruiting for.
  • A very large company would like to get rid of their paper process and manage their employee records digitally. Along with the creation and updating of records in their company directory they would like to conduct employee performance evaluations.

Business Value

There is substantial number of small to medium companies that don't want to invest in one of the giant, unwieldy SASS products offered by Oracle or SAP, that typically require weeks of training and intricate implementations. They want an intuitive and focused product. Where functionality can be added when it is needed to accommodate the company, growing with them as their company grows. From a business perspective, it makes much more sense to design, build and deliver smaller more focused products. A particular product could be tested and scaled appropriately, modified to fit specific needs or killed if found unsuccessful. Modular, works much better in this economy than heavy, one-stop, super solutions.


In this year long endeavor, I occasionally operated in the role of a generalist. However, I had the opportunity to specialize in the functions of an architect, system designer and UX Lead.


On Paper

On Whiteboard

On iPad


Flows, Sitemaps & Concept Models










Part of the complete redesign of these apps was to also provide an interim solution for some of the apps.


New Hire Welcome Page


Employee Dashboard & Records


Final UI






Perform-Rating Evaluation




These interactions done by the team illustrate some of the decisions made around a navigational model and CRUD operations.