Discovery iPad App

An iPad app for curious people that want to learn about various topics that interest them and contribute to a community of like minded learning enthusiasts“


In 2010 social content consumption had increased dramatically. With services like Pinterest and sites like Tumblr, people were consuming little nugget sized pieces of content in an auto updated and self-curated feed. Upon consuming the information they could the share it with their community of other content consumers. Discovery attempted to enter this market with an iPad app centered around learning and consuming high quality content. The app would provide an environment for targeted advertising and media partnerships. In the end, Discovery acquired a startup called Learnest and made other acquisitions centered around the creation of content.


Serving mainly in the role of UX designer, I worked on

  • user flows
  • navigational models
  • competitive analysis
  • wireframes for various features
  • provide limited feedback on visual treatment

Use Cases

  • A new user to this learning app needs to create an account and onboard by making some decisions regarding what type of content they are interested in, so relevant material is immediately available after signing in
  • An experienced and established user needs to publish a new collection of content they have gathered, so they can share with the rest of their community
  • A user doesn't have much time but they want to quickly read information about and related to a particular topic they are interested in.

Business Value

Higher quality content for the users can mean higher potential revenue from advertisers. This can also mean that the audience demands higher quality ads which fits tighter with the content. A result of higher quality ads, is typically higher user engagement. Which in turn, again, makes it possible to bring higher higher revenue from advertisers.


Maps & Models

Navigational Models

User Flows - Engineer Focused & Natural Language





Final UI

As one of the UX Designer, I didn't influence these pages apart from architecture and IA layout feedback.