Route Sign-Up

A simple sign-up process to acquire new customers and deliver immediate value after they have signed up for the service


Edgecast's services all require accounts to be created by sales associates and/or sales engineers. This makes sense for several of the services that are technically complex. However, there are a few products that are priced lower and don't require as much assistance to set up. The goal is to create a clear and simple sign up process for customers to receive immediate value while freeing up sales & engineers from having to create accounts that do not have as much monetary value as other accounts.


  • Competitive research to determine industry standards for simple and more enterprise cdn services
  • Understand which integrations are needed (salesforce and internal systems for creating accounts, etc.) and accommodate them in the sign up flow
  • Establish phases of enhancements that can be implemented if there are some technical limitations
  • Do A/B testing to increase conversions
  • Find out if this sign-up process will work for other products as well

Use Cases

  • A junior engineer from a quickly growing and successful mid-sized startup decides to try the CDN services with a small portion of their companies traffic and if the service provided is acceptable, upon approval from senior level engineers a much greater portion of their traffic will use transitioned over to this same account. This junior engineer knows a little about CDNs but not very much.
  • An ambitious entrepreneur with very little technical experience launches a startup that needs to some CDN services for their product. They need to create an account with CDN, but they have know idea what they should be doing or where to start
  • A senior level engineer responsible for content delivery with a major social network has heard good things about the service and would like to stress test a significant portion of their traffic on the CDN. This engineer doesn't need much assistance at all in the proper method to setup and optimize a CDN for their particular needs.

Features & Functionality

  • The signup flow should capture as much information from the user without becoming intrusive and arduous.
  • A sales force lead should be generated as soon as an account is created. This will give account managers the opportunity to contact the user and provide assistance with their new account. It will also help sales determine which accounts have had activity after the initial sign up & account creation.

Business Value

As stated in the Overview section, it would be valuable to automate the account creation process for products that could be considered stand-alone solutions. Especially, if they are inexpensive and have a lower barrier of entry from a technical perspective.



This is an active project. Beyond wireframe concepts, much of the content is not available to post. I will share more process when a greater majority of the project is finalized and determined suitable to present.



Sign-Up v1

Prior to a 2 day collaborative session with the 2 UX Designers from VDMS in Irving, Texas, with little infomration to draw from, I prepared some wires for an ideal signup process.


Sign-Up v2

After our collaborative session I developed some wires that reflected our discussion.