“A job posting site for job seekers that are looking for employment in the public sector"


The site lived through the dot com boom and survived in the bust. However, when I first got my hands on the site, I learned that it hadn't recieved any substantial updates or enhancements since it's incarnation in 1998. With crude search and a table based presentation of job postings, the site had so much potential to join modernity and gain a competitive edge against the other job posting sites like indeed and simplyhired. The updates to the site would be broken up into distinct phases in order to deliver gradual and continual value to the job seekers and public agencies posting jobs on the


  • Conduct extensive competititve analysis to holistically understand the world of job posting and job seeking
  • Identify functionality gaps of current system and that of competitors
  • Provide UX and product recommendations through the use of wireframes
  • Solicit feedback from public sector stakeholders
  • Insure recommendations integrate with backend HR applicant tracking system and/or identify gaps that will need to be worked on to support new functionality.
  • Work with UI designer to bring modern look and feel to site along with concepts for making the site fully responsive
  • Determine phases for implementation of enhacements based on engineering resources and value to users.

Use Cases

  • Mid to upper level job seeker with focused and specific job searches
  • First time job seeker, browsing for job posts that appear appealing
  • Returning job seeker, checking the status of a job application

Features & Functionality

  • List view of job postings
  • Method for easily viewing the details for a job and returning to list of jobs
  • Modern job application
  • Filters to refine searches of job listings
  • Wells for targeted advertising through Google AdSense
  • Saved job searches
  • Saved job application drafts
  • Modern print styesheet
  • Quick workflow for agency/organization to post a job
  • Customized landing pages for public sector agencies to promote jobs or communicate wih their applicants

Business Value

With over 1.5 million visitors a month in a niche market, it was essential to provide this user base with modern features and functionality. Agencies that use the API based job application and applicant tracking solution provided by NEOGOV, have their job postings automatically posted to their own agency page as well as on











Final UI

Current state

I worked very closely with the UI designer to provide UX feedback on layout and architecture and assistance with the translation of wireframes or business requirements into UI Mockups


Future State

A more modern and subtle visual treatment



These interactions were executed by various UI designer with previously established interaction concepts


When possible our team took various opportunities to create meaningful interactions.