A thoroughly considered suite of apps for HR personnel and employees. The goal of HR Cloud is to make their HR related tasks, like applicant tracking, on-boarding and performance evaluations much easier and more enjoyable.

HR solutions for talent recruiting, onboarding, performance management are almost always dreadful. These products are usually debilitated by "all-in-one" aspirations and endless integrations setting them on a frankenstein trajectory. The main objective was to architect as system that could accommodate as many use cases as possible while remaining focused and intuitive.



Applicant Tracking



Paperless Hiring and Employee Training


Core HR

Company Directory and Place of Record



Employee Performance Evaluation

Along with more focused suite of apps for,

Learning Management, Internal Communication, Company Directory, Timesheets, Leave Requests, Asset Tracking, Expense Tracking and Incident Tracking


Configuration Staging - Is An enhancement to the rules engine that allows customers to test configuration changes in a staging environment before using the configurations in production.

Rules Engine - Receives an overhaul of existing rules engine to make it more intuitive for customers, enabling them to create custom rules to fit their traffic needs.

The "Configuration" is the heart of a customer's interaction and usage of a CDN. Any settings, preferences, parameters and optimizations are written into the configuration files for an account. Placing updated configurations in a staging environment will enable a customer to change the configuration for their account in some way or another and then determine the impact that these changes will have without actually modifying the configuration that is in the production environments.

A CDN takes advantage of "Rules" to analyze and modify the traffic that is traveling to and through the Customer's or CDN's servers. Creating a policy of customized rules allows a customer to analyze broadly or very specifically for particular scenarios and perform complex actions on the traffic that interacts with the content on their websites or services they provide.

A job posting site for job seekers that are looking for employment in the public sector

The governmentjobs.com site lived through the dot com boom and survived in the bust. However, when I first got my hands on the site, I learned that it hadn't recieved any substantial updates or enhancements since it's incarnation in 1998. With crude search and a table based presentation of job postings, the site had so much potential to join modernity and gain a competitive edge against the other job posting sites like indeed and simplyhired. The updates to the site would be broken up into distinct phases in order to deliver gradual and continual value to the job seekers and public agencies posting jobs on the governmentjobs.com.


A resource of various layouts, components and elements that use the same visual language and follow a set of common principles, to be used by developers, designers and product managers to deliver higher quality, production ready solutions more effeciently.

When it comes to designing and developing apps and services that are intended to work with one another, it is almost essential to develop a pattern library that communicates common principles and standards that can be followed to create consistent experiences for users that will interact with the multiple apps or services. Unless a design and development team work closely together to specify and document these patterns, a substantial amount of overhead and debt will occur in the process of a team trying to bring about consistency and clarity in the products they are working on. With the potential of leveraging distributed teams in the US and offshore resources, it was and extremely valuable endeavor to create a pattern library to be used in developing these highly technical tools for CDN services as well as the process around teams using the pattern library.

A simple sign-up process to acquire new customers and deliver immediate value after they have signed up for the service.

Edgecast's services all require accounts to be created by sales associates and/or sales engineers. This makes sense for several of the services that are technically complex. However, there are a few products that are priced lower and don't require as much assistance to set up. The goal is to create a clear and simple sign up process for customers to receive immediate value while freeing up sales & engineers from having to create accounts that do not have as much monetary value as other accounts.


An iPad app for curious people who want to learn about various topics that interest them and contribute to a community of like minded learning enthusiasts

MyDiscovery, a division of Discovery Communication responsible for innovation and new digital products worked on an iPad app for learning. This app would promote a community of curious people interested in learning and sharing information with other like minded individuals.