Bigger Changes


During the hiring process at Google there are questions about where you would like to work and if you are open to working internationally. My wife and I even looked at a map of all the Google Offices around the world and needless to say, we were excited about the possibility of moving from Southern California. Even if it wasn't going to happen right away we had every intention to make a big change like moving to another state or country.

The timing was ideal last November. So, I decided to indicate interest in a role on a team located in Zurich. Following a very arduous process of communication with the relocation team and logistics planning, we moved to Zurich on March 3. Looking for homes for the last couple months we have finally found one and we move into our new home in less than two weeks. It has been a crazy these last few months so far and I don't expect the adventure to become mundane in the slightest.