It's been a little over 3 years since I finished school. It's really difficult for me to believe that statement. So much has happened in the journey of these last 3 years. I have served in 6 different roles for different companies, from Downtown LA, to the Westside and Orange County. From a Suit n' tie to shorts & t-shirt. The changes aren't limited to my career either. In these past three years my family has moved three times. In the last year, my wife had abdominal surgery, we added a 130 lb. Newfoundland named Moses to our family and I also had major back surgery in which the lowest disc in my back was replaced with an artificial one. 

Perhaps the most recent and significant change has been that I started a new role as an Interaction Designer at Google on February 23rd. It was an arduous journey as I started the interviewing in late October. I had heard from various sources that the hiring process would take a considerable amount of time and I thought I was prepared. However, I didn't think it would take almost 4 months. There is much to appreciate about the thorough hiring methodology (more so if one get's hired as a result).

I joined a team where I am working on a redesign of an internal customer support tool. Perhaps not the most glamorous product but an amazing opportunity to work on a highly complex tool with a diverse set of global users. Google has many opportunities in many areas that a designer can have significant impact. Working at Google has me looking at things with a long term mindset.