A Professional Love Letter

The following is a letter I wrote to an amazing company that I had a great desire to work for. They are far away and I don't know if I was/am even qualified for the role but I felt I had to write them something in response to an open position they had mentioned. 

In 1966, Otl Aicher from Ulm School of Design was asked to be Lead Designer for the 1972 Munich Olympics. This would be an extraordinary opportunity to present a new Germany to the rest of the world. Aicher and his team approached designing for the Olympics holistically. They thoroughly considered all aspects of the games and developed a system of design that expressed intention and communicated with clarity. Designing such a system doesn’t have to be difficult, just very deliberate. If a designer or team of designers has the opportunity to solve problems holistically and deliberately they can create something that is beautifully simple, sustainable and most importantly, delightful.

(company name) success is undeniable and you have developed numerous innovative products. The holistic approach of being intimately involved with the hardware, software and services for your products gives (name of company) an advantage that few companies have. However, I think (name of company) greatest success is the creation of an opportunity. That magic moment when (hardware name) meets (software name) or (other product experience). This is made possible by thoughtfully crafting (hardware name & software name) that doesn't get in the way of the craftsman. A tool that is as great as the craft itself.

I don’t have an extensive background with a long list of amazing products, but I believe my work demonstrates a diligence to think through design problems holistically. I strive to build things that are sustainable, deliberate and delightful.

My goal is to make things that will help people enjoy doing THEIR thing.