A very difficult problem...or fascinating challenge

Need to identify pattern(s) and create a UI for adding one or all of the following elements

  • Rule Number One (This must be unique?)
    • [if] Condition 1 (DO ALL of following))
      • Do Feature/Action 1a
      • Do Feature/Action 1b
      • [else if] Condition 2 (DO ONE of following)
        • Do Feature/Action 2a
        • Do Feature/Action 2b
    • [and if] Condition 3
      • Do Feature/Action 3a
    • [and if] Condition 4
    • [and if] Condition 5
    • [and if] Condition 6
      • Do Feature/Action 4/5/6a

*The highlighted [else if] could be added later in screen flows to show new [else if] functionality