Who Knows?

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There is so much going on right now. For the first few weeks of the year, my family and I struggled  through various illnesses. First, I got something that was kinda like the flu, then I got pink eye from my kids and then I got strep throat. We had a scare when it came to a health related issue with my wife (fortunately, things are not as critical as was first indicated). We got a notice from our landlord stating that they were not going to renew our lease and that we have to move out by March 31st. At the beginning of the year I was also beginning to look into other opportunities for work (I follow up on this in a post in the near future). After several interviews and pilot projects with various companies, I accepted a job offer at EdgeCast in Santa Monica and I start next week on February, 24th. To avoid a crazy commute, we have been looking pretty diligently for a new place to live in the last couple weeks and we still haven't found anything.

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This is a crazy time and there is so many big things happening right now. Of course I don't know what the solutions will be for many of the obstacles ahead, but if sanity is at all important, I have to actively believe there is only One who truly knows.