Recently, I received some exposure in the financial sector. This led to some great opportunities. I did some consulting at City National Bank developing a style guide for their internal web application development and more recently I joined the fast growing UX team at Capital Group. This experience has taken what was previously a general lack of interest in finance and replaced it with the fervent aquisition of applicable knowledge for the design work I am doing. 

I know so very little about the stock market, fund performance, annuities, bonds and prospectuses. It all seems so complex with dependancies on so many other variables. This complexity is what makes designing solutions for financial environments both difficult and very interesting at the same time.

There have already been some developers that have approached some of the difficult financial related UX problems. There has also been very little innovation when it comes to presenting financial information over a period of time, whether on a micro scale or macro scale. As far as I know, the performances  of investments has always been shown with a jagged line graph either on the rise or declining depending on performance.  

The brilliant people over at Visible Market, Inc. have developed an innovative app that opens the door or floodgates for that matter to a world of possibilities when it comes to presenting financial information. StockTouch, like many innovative apps takes advantage of multi-touch gestures for various user interactions. This eleminates the need for more real-estate for some of the UI. Although there is a side drawer for many of controls  it has no negative effect on the overall visual impact and has only made the the information much more accessible and useful. The real value that StockTouch brings is the ability to see many funds, some funds or a very detailed view of a particular investment. With the filters you can establish the context for how you are viewing these investments. This isn't a dry or banal visual presentation, it's BEAUTIFUL and I don't think you have to live in financial world to appreciate this app. If you are a person that enjoys beautiful things great, go download StockTouch. If you are a person that enjoys useful financial information that is also beautiful, even better, go download StockTouch.

“StockTouch tells you more in five seconds than you would learn reading financial news all day.”