Solar is a beautiful weather app. This app developed by Hollr provides relevant information in an enjoyable way.  Sometimes the visual doesn't keep pace with the usefulness of a design and sometimes the usefulness out paces the presentation making the app useful but boring or difficult to look at and use.  I think solar has accomplished a pleasing ratio of usefulness and visually enjoyable.

As demonstrated in the video below, Hollr utilized multi-touch gestures to get away from using buttons to interact with the app and it's functions. This results in complex functions and capabilities that are behind a small list of learned gestures on a screen that appears minimalistic and simple.

Although I am not 100% clear on what the colors represent as you swipe up to see the temperature change over a period of time, I still understand the basic information the colors are communicating, i.e., warm colors mean it's going to be warmer or hotter later and cool colors mean it's going to be cooler or cold later.

I love this app and stoked to see apps take advantage of gestures in order to provide more beautiful presentations for the information that people are interested in. Way to go Hollr!

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